John Stanley &  Heather Lundy

After careers as a pastor and in the financial field, John began farming in 2007, purchasing a ranch in Blue, Texas, and marketing produce to restaurants and retail markets in Austin.  Heather joined him in 2010, and since then we have owned farms and worked the land in Nova Scotia, Kentucky, and Mississippi.  Now we are happy to have made the decision to move back to Texas, close to our families, children, and grandchildren.  In July of 2017, we entered into an agreement to lease the farmland at Montesino Ranch in Wimberley, Texas.  We love living at Montesino and running the business of Back to the Garden here.   

We see farming as a vital, life-giving pursuit, and consider it a great privilege to  feel the warm soil in our hands and under our feet every day.  We believe that conservation practices like no-till or low-till farming; eschewing the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; inter-planting pollinator- and beneficial-insect-attracting plants with food crops; and cover-cropping for soil preservation and fertility not only benefit the soil and the environment, but also result in higher yields and healthier food. 

We love to visit with folks about farming, and would love to talk to you about how and why we do what we do.  


This is Zed, the best farm dog ever.  Come around and meet him some time.

This is Zed, the best farm dog ever.  Come around and meet him some time.